A simple subscription + transaction fee model that doesn't affect the profitability of the entire business.

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Customization Charges

$ 6 / Month / Additional Store

Upto 5 Brands
Unlimited Store Locations
Single dashboard to manage all stores

We can support unlimited store locations for your business, however we can support 5 brands only.

Note: 1% of order value is charged as convenience fees. Payment gateway charges and taxes are applicable extra at actuals.

How payment gets processed?


We collect payments from customers online. This includes dynamically calculated delivery fees as well.

Split Charges

After receipt, the payout of all the involved members (delivery folks, PG, and us) is split into respective PG accounts.

Auto Settle

Correct amount is transferred to each party's bank account automatically as per PG's settlement cycle (around 2 days).

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that online ordering systems has many complexities. We have listed a few frequently asked questions from some of our clients to help you understand more about how we implement it for your business.

Which Payment Gateway we use?

We use Razorpay. They typically charge 2% transaction fees + 0.25% for routes. The PG charges are subject to change, and we recommend you refer their website for upcoming changes (if any).

What is PG or Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway facilitates a payment transaction by the transfer of information between a payment portal (such as a website) and the bank. It tells a bank how much to transfer and to whom.

What's the total transaction fee?

Razorpay charges 2% as transaction fee and 0.25% for autotransfer facility (Routes). We charge 1% as convenience fees. So total Transaction fees charged is 3.25% + Taxes. These are subject to change in future. Please read T&C here, and here.

Is payment automatically settled?

Yes. We use Razorpay Routes. This helps you split payment to different vendors (delivery providers, web services, etc.) automatically as per the settlement cycle (which is typically 2-3 days). Please refer this link to know more about Razorpay Routes.

How to process refunds?

As Admin, you have access to your razorpay dashboard. From that dashboard, you can process refunds to your customers, or you can refund offline as well. Offline refunds may be faster, and help you establish better rapport with positive customer experience and prompt responsiveness.

How cancellation works?

If customer as placed order, you immediately get alter on your admin mobile app. If you reject this order, the payment will get automatically reverted to your customer's bank account in 5-7 days. You may refer Razorpay documentation for more details.

Note: For any further query, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone number mentioned in the website's footer.

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